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Starting Monday 7th March, join our Master trainer Courtney and Strength & Conditioning trainer Jay for what is set to be our most EPIC challenge yet!


If you are ready to kickstart your health and fitness journey or simply LEVEL UP and challenge yourself this month, you have come to the right place. Join two of the best coaches to get you in the best shape of your life!



What is the 28 Day Challenge?


The 28-day challenge consists of four weeks of incredible workouts. This challenge will be a mix of workouts from your master trainer Courtney and Strength & Conditioning expert Jay. Courtney will be focusing on high intensity, resistance training. She promises to bring the fun – but they won’t be easy! Jay will be focusing on targeting your muscles to create definition and strength while helping you feel strong and confident.



Who can take part?


Anyone, anywhere with any level of fitness can take part in our challenge! The trick is to go at your own pace and focus on your own journey. Remember to rest, take breaks but NEVER quit. Our trainers will be with you every step of the way. Get your partner, friends, family involved and let’s make this the best challenge yet!



What do I need?


A mat, some space along with some dumbbells and a resistance band.

band 1

Beginner Resistance Band Duo Pack

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band 2

Pro Resistance Band Duo Pack

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How many sessions a week?


We are levelling up this challenge with 22 sessions! 5 workout days per week (30 – 45 minute workouts) and on the last 2 weeks adding in a bonus 30 minute ab workout to fire up your entire core! We recommend that you complete all the sessions listed for the best possible results. Remember to take it slow and go at your own pace, your only competition is you! The weekly schedule will be posted on the app and our Instagram for you to follow.


How do I join the 28 day challenge?


Simply head to the app store and download the Courtney Black App. You will be given the option to choose your subscription package and join the fun! The app is £15.99 per month and cheaper packages are available! You can redeem your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL NOW!


If you’re already a member, simply head to the real time workout section and scroll to the March 28 Day Challenge category.



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Are there meal plans included?


As part of your app subscription, you will gain access to over 300 plus healthy, simple and delicious recipes. Along with this you have access to a calorie and macro calculator which will help you plan your meals accordingly.


What happens at the end of the challenge?


As always we are giving you the chance to win some incredible prizes while celebrating your amazing achievements.


To enter our competition simply take a BEFORE picture (front angle, side angle and back angle) with a piece of paper stating your name, Instagram handle and the date. Once you have completed the challenge take your AFTER picture, again with your name, Instagram handle and the date clearly listed on a piece of paper.



challange winner


We’ll be sending instructions of where to submit your before/after photos so stay tuned!



How do I join the CB community?


The best part of our app is the incredible community and support group. We are WARRIORS and we’re in this together. We want you to feel supported every step of the way. So get involved and head over to Facebook to join our incredible community of 70,000 members on the same mission as you.




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