14 Day Challenge Time to Transform

This is the one! Chaotic Summer or just needing to hit the reset button on your routine this challenge is for you! TIME to TRANSFORM is exactly that! 30mins is all you need and we all can find that right? Built to fit around you this challenge has all your meal preps and is loaded with short time intense real-time workouts (we are in this together!) that hit EVERY body part.

Date: Sep 18, 2022 - Sep 2, 2022
Trainer: Courtney

The 14 Day ‘Time to transform’ Challenge has landed!

Everything you need to know!

The 14 day challenge with HIIT & Sculpt Trainer Courtney starts this Sunday 18th September.

We know how busy, intense and crazy life can get. Whether you’re time deprived from long working hours, fatigued from workloads and running round after the kids or just looking to RESET your routine… This is the challenge for you!

Everyone deserves to MOVE their body. Exercise is not only hugely beneficial for our physical health but more importantly it helps us FEEL good. This challenge is all about getting those endorphins flowing and making the time for YOU.

30 minutes is all you need to sweat, shred, sculpt and tone. We’re also teaming up with our chef Ollie to bring you a delicious, quick and healthy meal prep plan which you can follow for the best possible results! Keep an eye on Courtney Black App Instagram for the recipes!

Are you ready to make yourself a priority and get in the best shape of your life? Let’s do it!

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What is the 14 Day Challenge?

Exactly what it says on the tin! The 14 Day Challenge is a two-week series of 30 minute workouts (with two rest days per week). These workouts might be short, but they are intense, functional and aim to fire up your entire body for a real full body challenge. We know life can get hectic, that is why we are giving you the chance to kick – start your fitness with just 30 minute bursts of work. This is the perfect programme for those of you looking to increase your stamina, your strength, boost your confidence and feel amazing in the process. We are helping you to make your valuable, available time COUNT.

Preview the challenge

Want to find out if this is for you? You can preview the first 3 days of real-time workouts in the challenge here without downloading the app!

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Who is the challenge trainer?


Courtney Black

Master Trainer

Team CB

Are the workouts live?

The workouts are uploaded every day at midnight for you to do at your convenience. The workouts will remain on the app after the challenge has ended.

Who can join the 14 Day Challenge?

Anyone, anywhere with any level of fitness can take part in our challenge! The trick is to go at your own pace and focus on your own journey. Remember to rest, and take breaks but NEVER quit. Courtney will be with you every step of the way. Get your partner, friends, and family involved, and let’s make this the best challenge yet!

What do I need?

A mat, some space along with some dumbbells and a resistance band.


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Are there meal plans included?

Yes! We are so excited to bring you our first meal prep plan for the challenge. Two weeks of delicious, healthy recipes, designed for batch cooking so you can store them in the fridge and save for a few days at a time. Our chef Ollie has carefully created a meal plan for you to prep once at the beginning of the week (Sunday) and once in the middle (Wednesday) along with a shopping list for you to get ahead of the game. The recipes are exclusive to The Courtney Black App and will be live and ready on the 17th September.

Can I enter the competition?

Yes, we always offer a added incentive to our challenges!

Our competitions for our fitness challenges are open during the the ‘Live’ Challenge dates.

The challenge is STILL available after the submission dates close! So still tag us with those before and after shots so we can see your progress! Remember the only real competition is with yourself.

How do I join?

If you’re brand new… We’ve got good news.
This challenge is COMPLETELY FREE with our 14 day free trial.
Simply download the APP and hit the real-time workout section to find 14 DAY Transform Challenge.

If you’re a CB regular, you will find the challenge in the real-time workout section on the 18th September.