Staying on Track with Fitness on your Summer Holiday


The Summer holidays are in full swing and whether you are jetting off abroad or taking advantage of the gorgeous British summer at home,‘how to stay on track’ is something we are asked a lot!
Let’s face it, holidays do not come round very often and they are there for us to enjoy. This might mean your usual routine is thrown out the window and that is completely fine. A week or two away from your regular routine will not disrupt your long-term progress!

Holidays are there to be enjoyed and have fun, but that need not mean you cannot maintain a balance when it comes to your health and fitness journey. It is so important here to not fill yourself with guilt. Small, manageable habits are all you need to remain consistent and keep on track while also enjoying your well-deserved break. Have a read of some of these tips to help you strike that all important balance....
HYDRATE all day. So simple, but so effective, particularly while abroad in the sun. Sweating, sunbathing, drinking more alcohol, consuming more sugar than normal can all dehydrate the body. Carrying water with you all day and consuming an absolute minimum of 2.5 litres a day is the easiest
way to prioritise your health while your routine is upside down.
STAY ACTIVE. Working out on holiday is a complete personal preference. You may be a complete gym/ run bunny whilst abroad or you may want a complete break from your exercise routine. Both are fine and completely your choice. It is however a good idea (if you are not exercising on holiday) to stay active in other ways. Get involved with the pool or beach games, take the stairs where possible, walk where you can and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. If you are looking to workout, opt for the morning where possible and listen to your body. Sometimes you might be able to nail a 45 minute workout, others you might just fancy a gentle walk or stretch. Move your body because it makes you feel good and energises and not as a punishment for what you have eaten.
STOCK UP on fruit and veg. The best part of an abroad holiday is the delicious fresh fruit and veg from the local supermarket. Stock up your villa or hotel fridge with plenty of goodness to fuel your body alongside the ice creams and pool side cocktails!

The main takeaway here is that is really is down to you whether you want to incorporate movement and exercise into your holiday or take it as a complete relax and get back on track when you are home. Regardless of whether you are exercising or not, staying hydrated, moving your body in
fun, different ways and nourishing your body with goodness are great ways to look after yourself and your health wherever you are in the world!

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