Why building muscle will TRANSFORM your body!

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What is Body Recomposition?

Our body composition refers to our fat and fat free body mass. Our muscle, fat, bones & water. When we look at our body composition we can measure and analyse more than just what the scales says. For example, we can see our muscle mass and fat mass as two metrics.

In the fitness industry when we speak about body recomposition we are looking at overall wellbeing and health rather than just weight. A body fat percentage to muscle mass ratio is a better indicator of health & changes than just your scale weight.

It is a great way to focus on progress and changes to your overall health & lifestyle.


Building muscle and transforming your body

There are multiple reasons people begin and continue health and fitness journeys. From health reasons, aesthetics, performance and so on. However many of us fall in to the trap of just measuring one metric and often that is scale weight.

The aim of body recomposition is to increase the percentage of lean body mass to fat mass, for an overall stronger and healthier body. ( and this often comes with a more desired appearance too).

Healthy habits and an overall healthy lifestyle will lead to these changes that LAST too!


Tracking progress when building muscle & body recomp

You must measure your progress in multiple forms and be consistent with adpoting your healthy habits and changes. Here are some ways to measure your progress and we suggest always doing multiple!


  • Clothing fit and feel! Losing fat and gaining muscle will change the appearance and shape of your body

  • Strength & fitness based improvements! You could train for 45mins much easier than before, you can lift heavier weights for those squats, or do more reps!

  • Take photos! Our bodies change and fluctuate daily, look at the overall changes from weekly check ins!

  • Measurements! Tape measurements and jot it down! You will be surprised when you see youve lost inches but not much weight over a period of time!

  • Scales! They are not the enemy but they are just ONE metric and to be honest probably the least useful. If you are comfortable weighing yourself take a weekly average of your scale weight. Also you can look into getting measurements for body fat/muscle mass.


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