Breastfeeding & Calories

Breastfeeding mumma’s out there we know there is lots to think about when you’re on your postpartum journey especially when it comes to calories, energy levels and exercising again.


We have provided a little overview on some of our tips and things to remember when you’re breastfeeding:


  1. Remember you are looking after your body and your babies during this time so you need to keep your energy levels up and optimise your health and wellbeing. Stay hydrated, consume enough calories to fuel your body’s needs and focus on providing your body with the nutrients it needs.
  2. Hydration is important, listen to your body signals to ensure you are taking in enough fluid. Being a busy mum it may be an easy task to forget so keep this in easy reach. A drink near where you breastfeed or pump, a drink near your bedside etc.
  3. If you are breastfeeding this can burn approximately 500-600 additional calories a day, this amount will depend on factors such as extent of breastfeeding and the mothers fat stores. If you are also adding exercise back in to your regime you need to look at increasing your caloric intake, so be mindful during this time that calories aren’t too low you need to keep your energy up and produce a healthy milk supply.
  4. It is your individual journey, every woman is different and may require different things. It is a case of a bit of trial an error for us all. For example some of us women will hold on to excess fat stores which helps our milk supply during breastfeeding so if you’re struggling to lose excess weight it is perfectly normal so please be kind to yourself and be patient.
  5. Speak to a medical professional, it is always worth speaking to the experts during this time and have open conversations for them to advise based on your personal journey, queries and needs.

We are only providing guidance and tips for mothers. Please seek any specialist advice from your medical professional, dietician during your pre and post natal journey.


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