RAMADAN - Tips for training!

Ramadan is a very important time for so many of you and it can also be a challenging time too, we have pulled together some tips that will help you throughout this time generally but also around your training and movement.
Timing is Key
As always it is best to workout when suits you and your schedule, but it would likely be more beneficial to workout closely to when you're due to break your fast to help replenish your body.
Do not set overly ambitious goals
Move to feel good, keep your heart rate steady, maintain... there is no point pushing too hard or setting yourself unreasonable challenges during this time.
Training Type
Prioritise strength training over cardio
Aim for high protein and high fibre foods when you break your fast - this will help keep you fuller for longer. Avoid heavily processed foods and high sugars.
Avoid Caffeine
Avoid caffeine ( including fizzy drinks) where possible as these leave you feeling thirsty.
Concentrate on hydrating when you break your fast, plenty of water and foods with high volume water content. Rehydrate safely and senesibly.
Scale back
The intensity of exercise, training, movement during this time needs to be scaled back, stay in tune with your body and pay attention to signs of dehydration, fatigue and the likes. Take care of yourself do not push yourselves too hard!
Extra Rest
Take extra rest days, lower training, daily steps and activity. Be KIND to your body!
The key take away here is to listen to your body and not over do it but new kind to yourself during Ramadan!

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