How to Maintain Your Healthy Habits & Lifestyle after a 28 Day Challenge

background removedsWe are coming to the end of yet another incredible 28 day challenge. We have sweated, burpee’d, boxed and crunched our hearts out over the last month pushing our bodies every single day. If you are nearing the end of this killer challenge, you might be wondering what is next!

A challenge is a great way to set yourself some realistic goals and targets. You might be coming to the end of this challenge having surpassed your goals and built a solid fitness foundation. The great thing is, this is just the beginning of your journey. Coming to an end of a challenge need not mean you lose your routine and motivation, it is simply an opportunity to keep progressing and push yourselves even further. Here are some easy ways you can maintain your new found healthy habits and lifestyle.

Create NEW goals
The best part about smashing your goals is setting new ones. There is simply no feeling like going above and beyond your expectations and achieving what you set out to do. Setting new goals can help keep you inspired, motivated and accountable. It is always important to revisit your goals regularly to ensure you are staying on track.
If you did not achieve your original goals, do not panic. Maybe there was aset – back, the time frame was too short or life simply got in the way – it happens. This is the perfect opportunity to revisit your goal, put a new action plan in place and start fresh.

Find a realistic routine
A goal without a plan is just a wish. The structure of the challenge may have kept you accountable, and this does not need to stop there. We release a weekly schedule across all our trainers so you can stick to a plan or create your own in advance. Find a time that works for you and stick to it. Be realistic with your workout days, and remember to include rest and active recovery days.
Turn a setback into a comeback
Your journey might not have been so smooth due to illness, injury or similar. If this is the case it is essential that you wait until you are fully recovered before you dive back in. If however your journey was disrupted by workout excuses or lack of routine or motivation, use this new opportunity to create new, healthy habits that you are more likely to stick to. For example, scheduling your workouts the week before, organising your workout gear and planning your meals. Remember, missing workouts here and there is not the be all and end all and will not ruin your progress. Aim to be as consistent as possible in order to develop long term healthy habits.
Try something new
Luckily for you we promised a summer FULL of new and exciting challenges. Our next challenge with Jay is just around the corner and we are ready to bring the HEAT. Enjoy a well deserved DELOAD week and get ready to come back refreshed and recovered on the 8th August!

If you are coming to the end of this challenge, remember to take a moment to congratulate yourself and appreciate just how far you have come. This challenge was not easy and you should all be incredibly proud.
Remember this feeling, that sense of achievement, and use this as motivation to keep up the fantastic new habits you have learned and built.

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