How to prepare for the BOOST 28 Day Challenge

Another month, another challenge! This time we’re sweating it out with Sarah for this Intermediate level challenge!
The BOOST challenge is all about stepping into Spring fit and STRONG. Sarah will be offering options for ALL levels meaning no matter your stage of fitness, you can give this a go.
A new challenge can always be a bit daunting, especially if you are just starting out or coming back after a long break. We’ve put together some easy tips for you to take on board to give yourself the best possible chance at the amazing results you deserve.



Being prepared is one of the greatest steps to setting out on the right foot to achieving your goals, here are some key things you can do ahead of day one!


1. Plan your week : We’ve done all the hard work for you, so you just need to follow the plan and stick to the workouts. Think about your schedule and when will work for you to fit your work out in, what days & times and when a rest day may suit you best.  Of course, life happens and you won’t always be able to stick exactly to this, but having a good overview means you’ll have the time to rearrange ad fit your workout in when you can.


2. Workout set -up : Plan where you will do your workout, what you need ( your mat, dumbbells or big water bottles) even lay out your workout gear the night before ready to go!


3. Hydrate: We know you hear it all the time but HYDRATION is so vital for great function of the body, recovery when training and a healthy mind and body. Get that water bottle ready and set yourself a target each day!


4. Sleep & Recovery: There are two rest days per week, ensure you utilise these to let your body recover and come back stronger for the next session. You can pick when you want these rest days, and if you want you can enjoy active recovery rest days with a walk or stretch to help mobilise your body. Ensure you get enough sleep and if possible try to work towards a similar sleep and wake up time!


5. Meal Planning: Fuelling your body with delicious and nutritious foods is going to be a game changer for reaching your goals throughout this challenge and really BOOST you up. Try to think about meal prepping if you're a busy warrior, ensuring you have healthy snacks to grab and picking meal you ENJOY-you do not need to eat boring, tasteless meals to achieve results - trust us! 

6. Take Progress Photos: Remember, scales should never be your sole focus or point of  measurement. Progress photos are SO key for recognising how far you have come. Focus on photos, measurements, writing down how you feel each week after your workouts. This will not only give you a truer reflection of your progress but will help keep you motivated along the way.

7. Write Down Your Goals: It is so important when taking on a new challenge, to set yourself new, realistic, measurable and achievable goals. Having a clear goal will allow you to check in with yourself every week and adapt where needed. Your overall goal might be to lose ‘x’ amount of weight, but be sure also to set yourself smaller goals along the way. For example, home cooking ‘x’ amount of your meals this week, moving your body for 30 minutes a day, drinking more water, pushing for more reps, taking less breaks etc. Smaller goals will keep you accountable on your journey, you can review and progress these each week to work towards your overall bigger goal.


Smash it Warriors! We're in this together!

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