4 Active Recovery Workout Ideas

ALL NEW  COBALT BLUE-5Whether you are smashing week 3 of the July 2022 challenge, or you are hitting it hard in the gym you are bound to have some aching, sore muscles as a result of your extra efforts!
It can be tempting, while you are on a roll, to push through your rest days and keep pushing your body. But skipping rest days and not giving your muscles the adequate care
needed can be damaging to your long-term progress. Gains actually occur while we are resting, so efficient muscle recovery should always be a top priority.

Efficient muscle recovery need not mean zero movement. It can actually be very beneficial on your rest days to move your body in a gentler way, to keep you feeling mobile and ready for your next workout. That’s where active recovery comes in!

What is Active Recovery?
Active recovery involves any kind of movement that does not put your body under much pressure or strain. Yoga, walking, stretching, and even shopping are examples of how you can move your body, get the blood flowing while ensuring your muscles have adequate time to recover. Lack of recovery and over training can lead to adverse effects such as fatigue, muscle strain, lack of quality sleep, headaches and increased stress.

These effects can actually undo the work you have put into your workouts, which is why it is so important to make time for recovery. There are many benefits to active recovery, the main ones being:
- Muscle growth & repair
- Improved recovery
- Release of stiff, tight muscles
- Increased flexibility
- Increased blood flow so nutrients are transferred round the body more effectively.

What are some examples of Active Recovery
There are many ways you can move your body at a low intensity. Some of these include:
Yoga has endless benefits for the mind and body but it is particularly effective and relieving sore and releasing tight muscles. Not sure where to begin? Have a go at this short 10 minute yoga session with our CB Yoga expert Frilly.
The great thing about walking and jogging as active recovery is that it gives us a chance to enjoy the outdoors! Fresh air is amazing for the mind and body and walking/ jogging is a great way to improve your fitness without putting your body under intense strain. Take it slow and enjoy your surroundings!
Cycling, (the steady, Sunday stroll kind!) is an amazing low impact way to get the muscles moving and the lungs working without building up to much stress on the body.

Swimming is also an amazing form of low impact activity, it is easy on the joints and brilliant for increased blood circulation!

When you are stuck into a new workout programme, or you are just reaping the rewards of living a healthier, fitter lifestyle, it can be tempting to skip your rest days and push through the aches and pains. As discussed, this will only cause problems in the long term and may even undo all your hard work. If you are keen to keep moving every day, or find
a way to loosen your muscles and stay mobile, try some active recovery instead – you’ll be amazed at how much fresher and stronger you feel when it comes to smashing your workouts!

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