28 Day Challenge


2023… the year we’re STEPPING it up 🆙

MARCH 2023


We’re back with another life changing 28 day challenge this time hosted by Sarah 💪🏼

Mark your calendars, we start on March 6th 🔥


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Date: Mar 6, 2023 - Apr 3, 2023
Trainer: Sarah


A 28 Day Challenge that will be the perfect step in to spring to become the strongest, healthiest & happiest version of YOU! 

Sarah will be with you every step of the way in each session as you follow a real time workout over a 28 day period as well as our CB team and CB warrior community on our socials and within app on the forum to help motivate and support!

We are giving away 10 hardworking, determined and committed warriors the chance to win a year’s subscription to the CB App during our March challenge.

Simply take your before photos (front back and side) with a piece of  paper clearly labelled with the date, your name and the challenge. Keep hold of these and we’ll let you know how to submit them at the end!

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What is the SHRED & STRENGTH challenge

The BOOST challenge is designed to ELEVATE and ENERGISE... If you're a beginner or an intermediate looking to up your game and really push yourself, this ones for you!

Sarah will be pushing you through your paces, nailing your form and technique and focusing on LEVELLING UP your stamina, strength and fitness...

The challenge is all about PROGRESSION... lifting heavier, performing more reps, taking less breaks than when you started.

Get ready to step into spring the strongest, fittest version of yourself!


Preview the challenge

Want to find out if this is for you? You can preview the first day of our real-time workout in the challenge here without downloading the app!

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Who is the challenge trainer?



Beginner to Intermediate Trainer

Team CB

How will the challenge work

Four Weeks, Five Sessions Per Week, Two Rest Days Per Week.

All our challenges can be adapted to suit you and your level of training.

This challenge is specific to beginner and intermediate levels, however do not be fooled, Sarah will be giving a wide range of options to keep everyone on their toes!

All workouts have been designed for home but you can of course take your workout to the gym to complete too. To really get the most out of the challenge you need some dumbbells, resistance band and a mat!

Why should I join the BOOST challenge

Its all about PROGRESSION! We are here for your needs throughout your fitness journey to elevate your fitness levels, energise your lifestyle and build those sustainable habits! 

No matter your level, this will certainly BOOST your fitness levels, strength & stamina - so challenge yourself and go one more!

Whether you're brand new to fitness or looking to step it up a notch this is the perfect challenge for you!

How do I Join

The challenge goes live on the 6th March, but feel free to join any time after that. On March 6th the first workout will appear under Real Times/All Trainers/'28 Day Challenge - Boost' in the CB App. To join simply download the Courtney Black App and choose your subscription.
Take your before photos, with a piece of paper stating the start date, name and instagram handle. Clear background and a clear photo with good lighting to enter - submission open at the end with your before and after photo!

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