14 Day Challenge FIT IN 14

The perfect 'busy warrior' challenge, a 14 day challenge created with the intention to provide effective, efficient and energetic 30 minute sessions! You will elevate your fitness levels & gain strength throughout these 14 days, they may be shorter but they are challenging!


So are you ready to take on the challenge?!


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Date: Apr 3, 2023 - Apr 16, 2023
Trainer: Courtney

The 14 Day ‘FIT IN 14’ Challenge is HERE!

Everything you need to know!

The 14 day 30 minute challenge with Courtney starts this 3rd April 2023!

You asked and we have listened, bringing you an incredible 14 day challenge built around effective, efficient and energetic sessions all 30 minutes long! Perfect for all our busy warriors who want to fit in working out around their schedules and life whilst progressing on their health & fitness journey!

You will enjoy five workouts each week and two rest days as well as meal plan friendly recipes brought to you specifically for this challenge!


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Want to find out if this is for you? You can preview the first day of real-time workouts in the challenge here without downloading the app!

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Who is the challenge trainer?


Courtney Black

Hiit & Sculpt Trainer

Team CB

Are the workouts live?

The workouts are uploaded every day at midnight for you to do at your convenience . The workouts will remain on the app after the challenge has ended. These will be found in the 'real time' section of the app under '14 Day 30min FIT IN 14' or under trainer Courtney.

Who can join the 14 Day Challenge?

Anyone, anywhere with any level of fitness can take part in our challenge! You will need some weights and a resistance band primarily, suitable for at home work outs or take the app to the gym with you! Lets do this together!

What do I need?

Primarily all you need is a mat, some space along with some dumbbells and a resistance band.


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How do I join?

Simply download the APP and hit the real-time workout section to find 14 Day 30min FIT IN 14 from 3rd April!
If you’re brand new… We’ve got good news.
This challenge is COMPLETELY FREE with our 14 day free trial.