14 Day Challenge BUSY MUM

The perfect workout series for all the busy mums out there, these two weeks of 30 minute sessions have been designed to fit in around your schedules and are suitable for all levels as variations will be provided!

BUILD confidence

GAIN strength

FEEL amazing


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Date: Apr 24, 2023 - May 7, 2023
Trainer: Rachel

The 14 Day ‘BUSY MUM' Challenge is HERE!

Everything you need to know!

The 14 day challenge with Pre & Post Natal Trainer starts this Monday 24th April!

We have two weeks of workouts that you are going to love, the challenge has been designed to fit in around busy mum life, help to motivate you and improve your overall fitness & health!

Welcome to everyone in any trimester, pre and post natal as well as suitable for anyone wanting to join in ( just go heavier)  This challenge Rachel will talk you through all options and adaptations! 

(We always advise to continually speak and take any advise given from your medical professional during and after your pregnancy journey)

You will feel mentally & physically stronger after this challenge team!

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What is the 14 Day Challenge?

This is a chance to prioritise and make a commitment to you health & fitness. Real time workouts 5 days a week with trainer Rachel, she will be with you every step of the way guiding you through each session! 

5 x 30 min workouts

2 x rest days

A mixture of dumbells required ( use some big water bottles filled if you do not have access to these)

Preview the challenge

Preview the challenge

Want to find out if this is for you? You can preview the first day of real-time workouts in the challenge here without downloading the app!

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Download the CB APP now to access the full challenge and finish what you started

Who is the challenge trainer?



Pre & Post Natal Trainer

Team CB

Are the workouts live?

The workouts are uploaded every day at midnight for you to do at your convenience . The workouts will remain on the app after the challenge has ended. These will be found in the 'real time' section of the app under '14 Day Busy Mum' and under trainer Rachel.

Who can join the 14 Day Challenge?

Anyone, anywhere with any level of fitness can take part in our challenge! All trimesters, all mummas and anyone else who wishes to join in. Just download the app, have some weights ready and you can complete all of these workouts in the comfort of your own home! Lets enjoy these two weeks together!

How do I join?

Simply download the APP and hit the real-time workout section to find 14 Day Busy Mum from 25th April!
If you’re brand new… We’ve got good news.
This challenge is COMPLETELY FREE with our 14 day free trial.