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My home guide is for everyone who cannot make it to the gym, can not afford a regular membership or just doesn’t feel comfortable using the gym! The guide is a full body guide and I have worked so hard on putting workouts together that will give you the best possible results using just two dumbbells and a resistance band! What the guide includes:
Nutrition & goals
Macros- how to work out your macros and calories 
Different dieting styles you can try & follow 
Meal timing & meal prepping top tips
Recipes (including some vegetarian)

Training at home
Why should you lift weights?
Choosing a rep range to suit your goal 
Advanced training techniques
Why should you do cardio?
Types of cardio
The workouts (8 weeks) 
Workout glossary- pictures and full explanation on form so you know your completing every exercise properly!


Please note: All CB Guides are non refundable. 

Home Guide