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My new glute plan is the ultimate plan if you want to grow your booty and slim down and tone up the rest of your body! This guide will give you a feminine shape, shaping your glutes while slimming down your quads and stomach and upper body. This guide is a FULL body guide but glute focused

Goals & staying motivated
Glutes- all about the glutes and the different muscles in the glutes 
Glute training top tips
Resistance bands & glute activation 
Must do glute activation exercises 
Weight training
Advanced weight training techniques
Choosing a weight, warm up sets etc 
Benefits of cardio
Hip flexor stretching and how to get lower when squatting 
The workouts (over 80 workouts!) 
Workout glossary - including pictures of every workout and explanations on form and how to perform correctly


Please note: All CB Guides are non refundable. 

Glute Guide