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My 12 week fat blast plan is for all those looking to loose weight, shed fat and tone up. Using a mix of training styles including full body workouts, circuits etc for ultimate calorie and fat burn! These workouts are intense and will burn more calories than any cardio you will ever do! Great for toning and gaining lean muscle which will keep your body burning calories throughout the day. Perfect for beginners to advanced as the weeks get harder as the weeks progress. 


Do I need a gym? Most probably but very limited equipment is needed. 


Can I do this at home? No, this is a weights based guide. Maybe if you have a small at home gym! 


Does it have pictures? Every exercise is explained fully including form etc and every exercise comes with pictures showing progression through the movements 


• Goals

• How to track progress

• Diet

- How to alter your diet to loose fat

- Portion control

- Making smart choices

- Cheat meals and binging

- Hidden calories

- Meal prepping


- Alcohol

- Lifestyle change (Fad diets, Metabolism, socialising) - Shopping list

• Training

- Weight training (rep ranges, advanced techniques, training to failure etc) 

- Cardio (HR Zones, types of cardio, when to do cardio etc)

- Over training

- Rest days

- Recovery

  • The workouts (Weeks 1-3, 3-6, 6-9, 9-12)


Please note: All CB Guides are non refundable. 

12 Week Fat Blast Guide