28 Day Challenge - The Final Countdown!

You are so close to completing the March 28 Day Challenge!

Warriors, we have almost completed week three of the March 28 Day Challenge, the finish line is in sight with our final week fast approaching!

Every challenge I get so excited because so many of you make such incredible progress and elevate your fitness game, from beginners and newbies to those who have trained for years or completed multiple challenges with the CB app, I know you all will leave this challenge feeling so much fitter and stronger than the day you started. I always find week three the best of any challenge it’s a mixture of I can do this, I feel so much fitter ( but definitely a bit achy ) and that just drives and motivates me even more to power through to the end that is now so close.

This week I want you all to take a minute or two to think back to day one and ask yourself, how far have you come, how much stronger do you feel, what can you do now you couldn’t do at the start or simply just take in the fact you didn’t quit and you are still showing up every day.

Be proud team, and celebrate your wins.

Let’s smash the rest of week three Warriors!

Is it too late to start the challenge?

Absolutely not, simply head to the app store and download the Courtney Black App. You will be given the option to choose your subscription package and join the fun! The app is £15.99 per month and cheaper packages are available! You can redeem your FREE 14 DAY TRIAL NOW!

Once you're all signed up, or if you’re already a member, simply head to the real time workout section and search for the 'March22 CBJAY challenge'. Note that if you start the challenge late you will not be able to take part in the competition.

What happens at the end of the challenge?

As always we are giving you the chance to win some incredible prizes while celebrating your amazing achievements.

We will let you know how and where to submit transformation photos next week!

To enter our competition simply take a BEFORE picture (front angle, side angle and back angle) with a piece of paper stating your name, Instagram handle and the date. Once you have completed the challenge take your AFTER picture, again with your name, Instagram handle and the date clearly listed on a piece of paper.

We announce the winners of each challenge very close to the challenge ending. So if you have started the challenge late then the competition be will closed before you finish. There is always the next challenge to look forward to!

Join the CB community

The best part of our app is the incredible community and support group. We are WARRIORS and we’re in this together. We want you to feel supported every step of the way. So get involved and head over to Facebook to join our incredible community of 70,000 members on the same mission as you.

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