August 28 Day Trans4orm You Challenge - Do this for YOU!


Squad, we couldn’t be more excited to bring you yet another challenge this summer, and this time Jay is in charge! If you are looking to level up your training and get into the shape of your life, this one is for you!

What is the TRANS4ORM challenge
This brand new challenge promises to bring the heat. It is 28 days of hard work. We are used to seeing Jay slow it down with the weights, but this time he is spicing it up with a full combination of strength, fitness, conditioning and split muscle work!

How will the TRANS4ORM challenge work
Week 1: we’re kicking it off with ‘STRENGTH & FITNESS’. What a mash up, there’s going to be strength, HIIT and everything inbetween.
Week 2: ‘5 DAY SPLIT’ this week will really test the muscles and turn the strength notch up a gear!
Week 3: ‘Condition & Core’ if you have just completed Courtney’s challenge then your core will be on FIRE.... We’re keeping up the good work and putting your new found core strength to the test. If this is your first challenge, that’s fine too – you are going to LOVE the results.
Week 4 ‘ we’re coming home strong with a 5 day finale. Trust us when we say it’s a good one!

Why should I join the TRANS4ORM challenge
As we always say, consistency is the key to long term healthy habits and results. Showing up every day and getting into a regular routine is so beneficial when it comes to your health and fitness journey. What’s more, we are all showing up together! So if you are struggling right now to get your fitness on track or you are looking to push yourself out of your comfort zone, this is the challenge for you!


How do I Join
The challenge goes live on Monday 8th August, but feel free to join any time after that. On Monday 8th the first workout will appear under Jay’s section of the CB App. To join simply download the Courtney Black App and choose your subscription. For all the details on how to start the challenge and enter our famous transformation competition, head here.


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